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Xinda is Taiwan high quality 11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine manufacturer and 11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine supplier More than 30 years of spring machine design & manufacturing experience, we have excellent development capabilities in the design of machines and software. since 1996.

11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine

11-axis skateboard spring machine CNC10X with safety cover open.

11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine - 11-axis skateboard spring machine CNC10X with safety cover open.
  • 11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine - 11-axis skateboard spring machine CNC10X with safety cover open.
  • Skateboard spring machine CNC25X to greatly increase the processing range.
  • Simplified mechanical structure of CNC42X makes it easy for novices to use.
  • 11-axis skateboard spring machine CNC60X with safety cover open.
11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine

This series of spring machines is a highly functional model composed of four sets of horizontal and vertical sliding plates, plus a feed axis, a quill-rotating axis and a wire-rotating axis, in a total of 11 axes. It can be expanded to 21 axes. The machine is suitable for customers with a wide variety of sample needs.

Some springs need to be adjusted manually after processing. For this inconvenience, we have proposed the skateboard spring machine. This series of spring machines have variable direction strokes and can present a variety of simulated arm patterns.

The machine is equipped with a new computer system, user-centric software, a graphical user interface, and a built-in program optimization function. It greatly avoids invalid actions, makes the machine run more smoothly, and largely reduces the spring forming time.

This series of machines can manufacture all kinds of high-difficulty, high-precision tension springs, single torsion springs, double torsion springs, battery springs and various wire forming related spring products.

Core Technology
  • Equipped with the German Backhoff control system, easily implementing complex algorithms to achieve the best production efficiency.
  • Equipped with EtherCAT master protocol chip to gain high-speed and stable control of each axis.
  • With Microsoft Windows operating system, the first step to exercise Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Thing.
  • Exclusive Timeline Technology, optimizing the programming editing, greatly shortening the spring forming time.
  • No matter testing or automatic production process, the machine's production speed and angle are the same, allowing the operator to better manage the accuracy and quality.
  • Self-detection at startup for the status of driver, motor, software & hardware.
  • Fill in the values of each axis to simply complete the program editing. The table can be converted into a Timeline Mode at will, and the rich display allows users to see at a glance.
  • Software program has undo and redo functions for easy editing.
  • With file management system, the program can be reused and no rewriting required when producing the same spring.
  • USB port can import/export programs.
  • Control system software can be automatically upgraded through the USB port or the wireless / wired network (manually available).
  • Support CCD image to save springs photos.
  • Use full touch screen, no more need keyboard and mouse for setting.
  • Can be used with Swiss or German proximity laser sensors.
Machine Features
  • Sliding plate movement mode to control the initial tension of the spring.
  • Surface finish of the gear transmission system is grinding processed and the accuracy reaches DIN5 level.
  • Wire-rotating mechanism to realize forming and cutting at any angle.
  • The feed roller and the straightening set are equipped with a quick disassembly mechanism, which is convenient for adjusting the wire direction.
  • Wire-rotating mechanism uses a belt-type design for easy to repair and maintain.
  • Lightweight feed set to reduce inertia and improve response speed.
  • Graphical user interface for easier to get started.
  • Sensor compensation function to stabilize production quality.
  • Remote troubleshooting and online update service.
Optional Equipment
  • Servo Spinner
  • Dual Servo Spinner
  • Servo Rotary Gripper
  • Servo Cutter
  • Laser Sensor
  • Vision Sensor
  • Hand Wheel (MPG)
  • CE Safety Cover
  • Wire Set
Basic Specification
Model NumberCNC10XCNC25XCNC42XCNC60X
Forming CapabilityWire Diameter Range (mm)0.1-1.00.6-2.61.8-4.23.0-6.0
Max. Outer Diameter (mm)164070 


Max. Leg Length (mm)3060150 


Machine Dimension

Full Length (mm)1000160023202660
Full Width (mm)1520190024602800
Full Height (mm)1885180020802200
Weight (kg)95016303500-
Power RequirementsPower Supply
Power (kW)6.1516.130.263.2
Power Consumpution (A)2842.580166
Servo AxesStandard11111111
Air Pressure Interface12 Ports
External StorageUSB
Ambient Temperature0-45°C
Servo Specification
Model NumberCNC10XCNC25XCNC42XCNC60X
H AxisMin. Increment (mm)0.0010.010.010.01
Max. Movement Amount± 30± 50± 75± 100
Max. Speed (m/min.)30302430
V AxisMin. Increment (mm)0.0010.010.010.01
Max. Movement Amount75135200260
Max. Speed (m/min.)30302430
Wire FeedMin. Increment (mm)
Max. Speed (m/min.)120908090
Quill RotatingMin. Increment0.1°0.1°0.1°0.1°
Max. Speed (rpm)500500200200
Wire RotatingMin. Increment0.1°0.1°0.1°0.1°
Max. Speed (rpm)15016510080

* Note: All specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

Machine Details
Spring Example

The patented skateboard spring machine with servo rotary gripper produces semi-circular tension springs at a production rate of 15.3 pcs./min. This is due to the high accuracy of the machine, the flexibility of the 4-panel design and the coordination of the Timeline software.

The skateboard spring machine produces torsion springs with a wire diameter of 0.45mm at a production rate of 9.4 pcs./min. The unique four-panel design can reduce the number of wire rotations, make the wire body more stable, and improve the forming quality.

The skateboard spring machine produces wire forming at an output rate of 8 pcs./min. The unique software and hardware design enables the stroke of the spring tool to be flexibly changed according to the shape of the spring.

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Xinda 11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine Service Introduction

Based in Taiwan since 1996, Xinda Spring Machinery Co., Ltd.  is a 11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years of experence in the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry.

Xinda is a company established by a group of technicians who focus on spring machine design and understand the needs of spring production. The team has rich R&D energy and enthusiasm to continuously meets customers' various needs for wire diameter, production speed, ease of adjustment, spring accuracy, and production stability when producing springs.

Xinda has been offering customers high-quality 11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine production service, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Xinda ensures each customer's demands are met.