Skateboard Spring Machine

Streamlined sliding plate design largely expands the working range.

Streamlined sliding plate design largely expands the working range.
Streamlined sliding plate design largely expands the working range.

Skateboard Spring Machine

Making-complex-into-simple Version

The patented innovative structure of the skateboard machine breaks the traditional thinking of the spring machine. The simplified X-type sliding plates increase the working stroke and movement flexibility. The exclusive developed operating software Timeline greatly reduces the threshold of spring manufacturing technology. This machine is the first choice for novices. Agile and flexible manufacturing capabilities not only meet the needs of mass production, but also the small and diverse market trend.

Replacing the slides fixed in eight directions, the skateboard spring machine adopts linear movement in horizontal and vertical dimensions, so that the movement stroke is wider and the processing range is greatly increased.

A new working area is formed by four groups of translational plates of the machine. Because the shape is similar to the letter X, it is called the X-type spring machine, also known as the skateboard spring machine or the flat spring forming machine. With streamlined mechanical structure and intuitive program editing, the skateboard machine is easy to learn, easy to use and master for novices. It can be called a making-complex-into-simple spring machine.

  • Variable stroke directions.
  • Full CNC panel.
  • Wide range of avoidance.
  • No invalid operation.
  • Strong forming capability.
  • Getting started with zero experience.

The patented skateboard spring machine breaks through the general impression of the spring machine and raises the spring machine into a new milestone. In addition to the advantages of no cams, the extremely simple sliding plate design of the skateboard spring machine expands the freedom of spring forming. The four groups of working panels can move horizontally and vertically. The flexible way of movement allows the processing stroke changed from traditional 2-dimension to 3-dimension, thus reducing the need for special tools, molds and secondary processing. It indirectly improves the overall production efficiency and reduces cost.

The programming concept of the Timeline is intuitive and easy to understand. The operator can complete the program editing simply by dragging the timeline on the screen without any psychological obstacles of novice. It helps reduce the idle time of interactive operations among tools, and greatly improve the production speed. . The streamlined work panel of the skateboard machine increases the working range & flexibility of spring forming, suitable not only for the high-speed production of a large batch of springs, but also for small and diverse demands.

Xinda always designs spring machines from the perspective of users. We continue to optimize the quality and production efficiency of the machine, while taking into account the convenience of operation. At present, the spring machine has been sold to more than 50 countries in Europe, America and Asia, providing services to thousands of customers.

If you have requirements for spring machines or special spring patterns, please contact us for the appropriate model for you. Xinda's core team has more than 30 years of experience in spring machine design and production. We are more than happy to provide you with services and spring production suggestions.

Skateboard Spring Machine

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11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine - The simplified X-type sliding plates of the skateboard spring machine provides agile and flexible manufacturing capabilities for both the novice and the experienced operator.
11-axix Skateboard Spring Machine

This series of spring machines is a highly functional model composed of four sets of horizontal...

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Xinda Skateboard Spring Machine Service Introduction

Based in Taiwan since 1996, Xinda Machine Co., Ltd. is a Skateboard Spring Machine supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years of experence in the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry.

Xinda is a company established by a group of technicians who focus on spring machine design and understand the needs of spring production. The team has rich R&D energy and enthusiasm to continuously meets customers' various needs for wire diameter, production speed, ease of adjustment, spring accuracy, and production stability when producing springs.

Xinda has been offering customers high-quality Skateboard Spring Machine production service, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Xinda ensures each customer's demands are met.